Expert Glass Designs

I wish I was a window expert. It’s a bit of an odd career; but I just want to be able to say that “I build windows” when someone asks. It would be a really cool job because it’s niche, and it pays well, and I’m sure it’s fun. When my high school class visited …

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Remy’s Bathroom Plan

Ever since Remy’s bathroom was destroyed, every inch of his brain had been dedicated to planning for the renovation. He’d already settled on sinks and bathtubs gold enough to rival the king’s, but there were a few other important decisions he had to make before he could call in the contractors. One of these decisions …

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Glass Smashing Hero

My buddy Jack asked me the other day whether I’d finally be getting a glass replacement for that balustrade broken by the Glass Smashing Bandit over six months ago now. I told him that of course, I would—when pigs fly. Little did I know that the National Agency of Space Travel (NAST) has been training …

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