Citron Restaurant

About Citron Restaurant

Welcome to Citron Restaurant, a fine dining experience inspired by the citron tree. 

Our one of a kind restaurant is led from the front by the world’s most renowned chefs, who wish to remain nameless. Citron Restaurant is defined by its mystique and delectable citron-inspired menu. 

Our menu is designed with a creative flair and expands beyond the citron cuisine to all types of citrus fruit inspired dishes. Food connoisseurs from all over the world visit us to have an entire menu of tangy fruits dance on their taste buds. From appetizers to desserts, citrus makes up the core of our entire being. 

As a part of our ever exclusive dining experience, we do not publicly state the location of the Citron Restaurant on our site. We are located in the Southern Hemisphere in the only country that is also its own continent. If you can figure that out, please get in touch with us via our online contact form for our exact coordinates.


Our five-star menu is perfectly curated and constantly refreshed to offer the best to our patrons. 


Burnt Kale With Green Tahini and Citrus 

Avocado and Citrus Quiche

Citrus Sala and Homemade Chips

Char-grilled Corn with Lime, Paprika and Mango


Confit Salmon with Lime and Parsley Salad

Chilli and Orange King Prawns with Spicy Mayonnaise

Roast Duck Breast with Peach, Cranberry and Peanut Salad

Orange-glazed Lamb with Your Choice of Salas

Sweet Potato Rosti with Parsley Lime Dip


Orange, Olive Oil and Wine Upside-down Cake

Sticky Lime and Semolina Pudding with Tasty Custard

Lemon Crumble

Dress Code

Whilst we pride ourselves on the exclusivity and privacy of the Citron Restaurant, we share our dress code with the wider public. This is absolutely essential to our sustained success and dedication to creating a fine dining experience. 

We ask that anyone attending the Citron Restaurant come dressed in formal attire. Men must wear a suit and tie, and women must wear a nice dress, skirt or pants. As a part of our dress code, each person must include a pop of colour in their outfit. Guests have the freedom to choose a colour that best suits their style, however, the colour can only be that of the citrus fruits. 

Anyone who fails to follow the dress code will be turned away at the door to uphold our well-established standard.


At Citron Restaurant, we do not take formal bookings.

The demand for our restaurant is too high to be able to accommodate everyone, which is why we only accept parties on a first-come, first-served basis. 

We encourage anyone who would like to enjoy our fine dining experience to arrive two hours prior to their preferred dining time. This will give our dedicated staff time to organise and prepare your seating arrangements. 

Please note: We do not guarantee you will be able to dine with us on the night of your choice. Nevertheless, we look forward to providing you with the best citrus dining experience the world has to offer.