Admiring My Renovations

Well, everyone, we’re up to my fourth and final blog for this series! So many of you have followed along on our renovation journey, and I can finally tell you the entire thing is complete. What started as me wanting to get the fridge out of the dining room ended up being a full kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation and you guessed it, laundry renovation. 

Maybe the version of me from twenty years ago that I’ve been cursing for making a terrible design decision was actually a blessing in disguise. Because of that decision I made, twenty years later we got to upgrade all the main selling points in our house. This is going to be worth its weight in gold by the time we’re ready to sell our house and downsize. People will seriously go crazy over our high-quality kitchen renovations. Melbourne properties sell better when they have nice and functional kitchens – that’s just a fact.

It’s funny how the decisions we make all have a way of coming back around. Everything really does happen for a reason. If I had made the more appropriate decision to put the fridge in the kitchen all those years ago, then we wouldn’t have gotten these awesome renovations now. Maybe I’m the hero of this story after all.

Anyway, I feel like this blog series is dragging on a bit now. I look forward to when it’s over and I can just sit back and enjoy my awesome new bathroom renovations. In the Melbourne CBD, it’s a luxury to have such new things. I’m going to enjoy this new bathroom (and kitchen and laundry) every day with my husband until we move to the countryside in retirement. 

Thanks so much for tuning into my blog series. If it has taught you anything, remember that every decision you make, even the bad ones, can turn into something good! Trust your gut, but maybe don’t put your fridge in the dining room.