Wallpaper Memorial

My friend just set the date for her dad’s funeral. How sad is that? She’s only twenty-four years old and he had only just turned sixty. Neither of them deserve this. Because his death was extremely unexpected, he has to go to the coroner and get checked out. They need to know what happened before my friend can have her dad’s funeral. It’s a tragedy. As if her dad dying wasn’t tragic enough. She now has to wait fourteen days from his day of death to the funeral. It’s just terrible.

To try and cheer her up, I’ve decided to change the plain wallpaper in her house to Australian botanical wallpaper. Her dad was really into native flora and fauna and I think it will mean a lot to her to see something that her dad loved so much every day. I know a really good provider of wallpaper in Melbourne who I can call to get the wallpaper from. I don’t know the business owner personally, but I’ve heard so much about her through happy customers that really sing to her praises. Seeing as this project has so much sentimental value, I can’t afford to be using low-quality wallpaper. I need the wallpaper to last for the years to come. I feel like if it deteriorated then it would be like her dad dying all over again.

Before I decided on the botanical wallpaper, I did have a look at other wallpaper options available. There were plenty of nice ones like the pretty butterfly wallpaper Melbourne homeowners would absolutely gush over, but her dad didn’t like butterflies as far as I am aware. Seeing as I’m putting this wallpaper up in honour of him, I want to make sure that it’s something he will like. Ah, I said will. I guess I meant would. Talking in past tense about her dad is not going to be easy to get used to.