Into the Village

My wife and I are helping my grandfather move house. He’s been living in the inner suburbs for most of his life, but recently he said he would like to move into a retirement village, closer to the outer suburbs of Melbourne, which is where we live. I’m really excited. Partly because I (oddly) love helping people move house, but also because I can’t wait for him to be closer to us. I travel to see him quite often anyway, but it’s a long drive and having him closer to home will make a world of difference. I want to try and make the whole experience as stress-free as possible for my grandfather. To start with, I’ve been looking at how to get help from Foxtel. Relocation as an existing customer shouldn’t be too hard and my grandfather should be entitled to all of the regular member benefits. I’m hoping the transition will be pretty simple and efficient. After all, once the Foxtel technician leaves my grandfather’s house, if any issues arise, I doubt he’ll be able to fix them himself. 

I also want to surprise my grandfather by installing some extra channels on his Foxtel account. He absolutely adores sports, but he’s never bothered to pay for those channels himself, so I want to do it for him. My wife has even encouraged me to splurge on the premium package. We figure if we have any issues, we’ll also be able to find an NBN technician. Near me in Melbourne, like most other cities in Australia, we are switching over to the NBN. It’s meant to be an easy installation, and I hope this is the case. For my grandfather’s own benefit, it’s important that his internet connection rarely experiences any interruptions. I’ve taught him how to use the basics of a computer, so he now depends on a consistent wifi signal to help him order his weekly medicine packets, to order groceries from the supermarket, and to book appointments at the retirement village centre.