Bad decisions

I was a party girl back in the 80s. I love my rock and metal. I loved going out to concerts and hanging out with bands who had big hair, wore leather jackets and rode motorcycles. I don’t know how my parents let me leave the house sometimes! My outfits were quite on the outrageous side as I would wear velvet minidresses and the most dangerous high heels I’d ever seen. I was constantly one wrong step in my stilettos away from an emergency room visit. Thankfully I never fell – well, that bad.

As I’ve hit my 50s I’m noticing many things that I absolutely hate about my body. My previous slender body is now nothing of the sort. The thing that bothers me the most though would have to be my feet. Both of my big toes are strangely angling towards the rest of my toes on their respective feet while a bone on the edge of my foot, right at the base of my big foot, is poking out. It looks unsightly and it is extremely painful. It makes nice shoes uncomfortable, and the thought of a sandal unbearable. Apparently it is something quite common in women as we all wore uncomfortable shoes in our youth. Ah, beauty definitely is pain! I’m now wearing bunion splints to bed each night as an attempt to straighten my feet out. In all honesty, I do think they’re helping. They’re definitely painful but I am noticing the improvement.

I have spoken to some other women my age and they seem to be experiencing a similar phenomenon. One of them said hers weren’t getting any better until she visited a number of podiatrists local to Cheltenham who gave her some great advice. Now her feet are no longer crooked nor painful. I’m really hoping that a visit will help me too as I really miss wearing nice shoes. I don’t expect to revert back to my 80s shoe cupboard, however!