Betel leaves with prawns, shaved fresh coconut, chilli & coriander (2)       11

Mahor – minced prawn, pork & peanuts on pineapple (4)       9

Mini green curry beef spring rolls (4)       9

Mixed taste plate (betel leaves, spring roll, mahor – one of each)       10

Katifi seafoods rolls, crabs meat, prawns and fish roll dip in lime, ginger and chilli sauce (4)       12

Citron beef bao, chinese steamed bao bun with shredded beef, pickled musted green

sesame seeds + mayo (2)      12

Citron soft shell crab bao, chinese steamed bao bun with deep fried soft shell crab, pickled musted green

sesame seeds + mayo (2)      18

Boneless chicken wing super crispy skin, stuffed with king prawns, creamy sweet and sour sauce    14

Crispy prawn rolled by lemongrass pork belly, thai herb salad          18

Crispy skin pork belly, namjim sauce and mixed salad                   18

Chili salt calamari, coriander lime dipping sauce & wombok salad       18 / 35

Seared scallops, sweet sticky pork, pineapple, cherry tomatoes & crispy garlic       22/ 38

Pot stickers, duck & ginger, black vinegar sauce, watercress, candied chilli & pomelo   20/ 38

Fresh King prawn salad, water cress, cucumber, avocado, red capsicum, olive oil and wombok salad   22/38


Lamb shank slow cook with rosemary, Asian herbs and star anise sauce           32

Cone bay barramundi, turmeric lemongrass sauce, coconut rice & hot n sour herb salad         38

Grilled lemongrass beef, rice noodles, pickled wombok, peanuts, vietnamese       38

mint & nahm jim jaew

Soy glazed fresh ocean trout, pickled cucumber, spiced avocado, daikon & ponzu       38

Twice cooked crispy chicken, chilli caramel & thai herb salad       34

Panang curry of braised & slow cooked beef cheek, kaffir lime leaves & peanuts       34

Dry red curry of fried eggplant, banana chilli, snake beans, shredded ginger & thai basil       29

Crispy skin duck, spiced roast potatoes pak choy, mandarin star anise sauce and pineapple chilli jam   35

Crispy silken tofu, soy glaze with mushroom and asian salad      29

Sides order 

Steamed jasmine rice       4

Wokked beans with garlic & soy       9

Cumin & coriander spiced roast potatoes       9